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Nashville Location

Kinnards Building

2200 21st Avenue South

Suite #230

Nashville, TN 37212

2200 21st Avenue South

The red dot shows the 21st office location. 

It is just a 1 minute  drive north of the 440/21 Ave exit.

The Office is:

  • south of Vanderbuilt  University and Hillsboro Village
  • west of Belmont College and I-65
  • north of Green Hills
  • east of West End Avenue

Click on the map to go to Google Maps.  

The Kinnards Building is on the south west side of 21st Ave. and Blair Blvd. The Kroger Grocery Store (on the west) is across the street on the right of the third picture above, which is looking south down 21st Ave S.

There is free parking on the deck between the Kinnards Building and the Hillsboro Hardware Store. However, the underground parking beneath the Kinnards Building on Blair Blvd has easier access. The  picture on the far right is looking north/north-east along 21st Ave. N.

Suite #230

Take elevator to the second floor and take the hallway to the right. 

 Wait on the bench in the hallway for the therapist to finish with his preceding client.  He will get you when he is ready to begin.

Contact Us

Click on the button below to leave a message and request a free short consultation by phone or Skype.

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