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Therapy for Children & Teens

Childhood and adolescence is a time of rapidly shifting development phases.  Therapy can help a child to progress through these difficult times when the usual remedies become insufficient.  

Child-Centered Play Therapy ( for ages 3-12)

Children do not commonly have the vocabulary to process their emotional life in the same way as adults.  Hence, through projective play with with a skilled play therapist, child can progress through the areas of greatest emotional distress and find lasting healing and greater emotional functioning.  This highly effect, empirically proven modality treats issues ranging from defiant behaviors to repairing past trauma.  Other modalities ranging from Family Systems Therapy to  to Parent Skills Training may also be included as needed. 

Therapy for Teens

Adolescence is a time of great emotional upheaval.  When a teen is no longer able to function to their potential or when one gets stuck, the therapeutic process can help resolve issues and get the child back on track.  Issues ranging from depression and anxiety to oppositional defiant behavior do not have to go unaddressed.  Training in life skills and management for AD/HD may also be treated. 

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